Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology

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A study of the application of scientific methods to psychological research. Special emphasis is placed on the critical evaluation of contemporary research in experimental psychology. Particular attention is focused on the design, execution, and written report of laboratory research. Lecture, three hours; laboratory, two hours.


Fall 2018
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
PSY 215-001 4.0 Rm.103, Rm.306 TBD, Elizabeth Ann Sheehan
PSY 215-002 4.0 Rm.204, Rm.201 Steven Anthony Arthur, TBD
PSY 215-003 4.0 Rm.204, Rm.131 Steven Anthony Arthur, TBD
PSY 215-004 4.0 Rm.204, Rm.287 Steven Anthony Arthur, TBD
PSY 215-005 4.0 Rm.221, Rm.208 TBD, TBD
PSY 215-006 4.0 Rm.333, Rm.208 TBD, TBD
PSY 215-007 4.0 Rm.208, Rm.339 TBD, TBD
PSY 215-008 4.0 Rm.299, Rm.103 TBD, TBD
PSY 215-009 4.0 Rm.299, Rm.0128 TBD, TBD
PSY 215-010 4.0 Rm.299, Rm.235 TBD, TBD
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