Research In Neuroscience

Research In Neuroscience

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An independent research project in an area of neuroscience under the direction of a faculty mentor. A research contract must be signed by the student and the faculty research mentor. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits, in combination with other independent research credit hours. Students should be capable of doing "independent research" in the sense that they can conduct the experiments with little direct supervision. Students are expected to become familiar with related research in the current literature by regularly reading scientific journals.


Fall 2019
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
PSY 393-001 1.0-3.0 TBD Tom Adams
PSY 393-002 1.0-3.0 TBD Chana Akins
PSY 393-003 1.0-3.0 TBD Michael Bardo
PSY 393-004 1.0-3.0 TBD Susan Barron
PSY 393-005 1.0-3.0 TBD Joshua Beckmann
PSY 393-006 1.0-3.0 TBD Mark Fillmore
PSY 393-007 1.0-3.0 TBD Mark A. Prendergast
PSY 393-008 1.0-3.0 TBD Jessica Weafer
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