Developmental, Social, and Health Psychology

Research in these areas include a range of topics and methodologies. Within the Developmental track, research addresses cognitive development and education (see the work of Dr. Sidney), narrative comprehension, social problem solving, and ADHD  (Dr. Lorch), LGBTQ parent and adoptive families, child development, and parent socialization (Dr. Farr), the role of addiction in families, child socioemotional development, and sleep health (Dr. Keller), how children experience gender and ethnic discrimination and the development of gender and ethnic stereotypes (Dr. Brown). Within the Social track, research addresses racism, prejudice, and coping with racism (Dr. Marshburn), psychology and the law and jury decision-making (Dr. Golding), aggression, social exclusion and acceptance, and social neuroscience (Dr. DeWall), and religion, atheism, and supernatural beliefs (Dr. Gervais). Within the Health track, research addresses stress, emotion, and health processes (Dr. Leger), personality, self-regulation, and health (Dr. Segerstrom), cancer survivorship and smoking cessation (Dr. Burris), and self-regulation skills development/pain management (Dr.Carlson).    


Information regarding applying and the online application system may be found here.

Please contact Meagan Coomes with questions regarding graduate program applications., (859) 257-9640


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