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ahi240's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Personality, Diagnosis and classification of psychopathology
111E Kastle Hall
arda235's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Risk for alcoholism, Alcohol-induced impairment, Impulsive behavior, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
111-H Kastle Hall
amle289's picture
Graduate Student
acjo234's picture
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Emotional experience and emotion regulation, Psychological impact of trauma and violence
ari275's picture
Psychology and law, Legal victimization cases, Sexual Violence, Stereotypes and law, Social psychology and law
Kastle Hall 0002
aad257's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student, Clinical
111B Kastle Hall
(919) 696-0255
arel234's picture
Clinical Psychology, PhD student
#111G Kastle Hall
aor234's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
eating disorders, Eating disorder risk, Personality, Impulsive behavior
111-H Kastle Hall
amst343's picture
Graduate Student
206 Kastle Hall
BDJE222's picture
Graduate Student
Juror decision making, Jailhouse informants, Legal victimization cases
BRE245's picture
Social Psychology Graduate Student
Policy support, Construal level theory, prejudice
106-B Kastle Hall
bahu239's picture
Graduate Research Assistant (Bardo Lab)
Preclinical models of substance use disorders, Role of social peers in contextual renewal, Immunohistochemistry, DREADDs, Social vs Nonsocial contextual cues
Research Office: BBSRB B403 , Student Office: Kastle Hall 111K
coho223's picture
Graduate Student
traumatic stress, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance use
111-D Kastle Hall
cba328's picture
Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Student
tauopathy, alcohol toxicity, organotypic hippocampal slice culture, FASDs
111i Kastle Hall
cva228's picture
Developmental, Social, and Health
Foster Youth, LGBTQ parent families, sexuality, adoption
103 Bowman Hall
cco398's picture
Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Student
cmbo244's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
cjpe247's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
csri227's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
111C Kastle Hall
dte230's picture
Kastle Hall 111D
EMGL224's picture
Clinical Psychology
Kastle Hall 111B
ERWA232's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical
111C Kastle Hall
eat225's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical
Problem Drinking, Affect-Based Risk for Maladaptive Behaviors, impulsivity
111-H Kastle Hall
eefe225's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Etiology maintenance and treatment of anxiety, Optimization of evidence-based treatments
ein226's picture
Clinical Neuropsychology, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Injury, Concussion
Kastle Hall 111B
gepu223's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical
gmc236's picture
Graduate Student
012-F Kastle Hall
hrwi231's picture
Graduate Student
Kastle Hall 111C
HBPR222's picture
religiosity, first-year university students, Social models of substance use
hcal224's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Alcohol-induced impairment, Etiology of drug and alcohol abuse, Alcohol Use Disorders, Substance Use Disorders
111H Kastle Hall
jmc394's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Affective mechanisms, Optimization of evidence-based treatments, Improving treatment effectiveness
111J Kastle Hall
jcma322's picture
Graduate Student, Health Psychology
Kastle Hall 124
jrsi236's picture
Graduate Student, Social Psychology
106-B Kastle Hall
jmti225's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
111-J Kastle Hall
jeja228's picture
Cognitive Neuroscience
Traumatic Brain Injury, Acute effects of alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, organotypic hippocampal slice culture, Learning and Memory, Calcium Signaling
BBSRB Rm. B0448E, Kastle Hall 111I
jsh365's picture
106B Kastle Hall
jjve226's picture
Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Student
Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Sex Differences in Drug Abuse, Sex Hormones, Human sleep
206B Kastle Hall
kpra223's picture
Graduate Student
Physiological Stress, Family Relationship Dynamics, Adverse Childhood Experiences
124 Kastle Hall
MFR273's picture
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
111D Kastle Hall
mmle242's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Psychology and law, Juror decision-making
0002 Kastle Hall


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