Hippocampal volume does not change seasonally in a non food-storing songbird.

TitleHippocampal volume does not change seasonally in a non food-storing songbird.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
Date Published2001

Seasonal differences in hippocampal morphology have been reported in food-storing birds. Non food-storing species have not been investigated however. It is therefore unclear whether seasonal changes in the hippocampus are specifically related to food-storing or reflect a more general seasonal mechanism that occurs in both food-storing and non food-storing birds alike. We determined the volumes of the hippocampal formation and remaining telencephalon in the non-storing male song sparrow (Melospiza melodies morphna) in two experiments comparing birds collected in the spring and fall of 1992-94 (Experiment 1) and 1997 (Experiment 2). Although pronounced seasonal changes in song control nuclei such as the HVC and RA were previously reported for the same brains used in Experiment 1, we found that hippocampal volume did not change with season in either Experiment 1 or 2 for these song sparrow brains. These results suggest that seasonal changes in the hippocampus do not occur in this non food-storing species and may be specific to food-storing birds.

Short TitleNeuroreport
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