Prospective Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students

Fall 2021 Application Deadline: Dec. 1st, 2020

Admission to the doctoral programs in psychology at the University of Kentucky is very competitive. We average about 2,000 total inquiries concerning admission to our programs each year and receive about 400 completed applications for consideration.

Approximately 250 of these applications are for the clinical psychology program, which typically enrolls between 4-10 students per year. Information regarding recent applicants, including average GRE scores and GPA for accepted students can be found here.

The Department of Psychology adheres to University policy and public law prohibiting unfair discrimination on the basis of age, ethnic classification, handicap, race, sex, or veteran status in the provision of educational or employment opportunities and benefits. The Department of Psychology and the Graduate Training Programs are committed to facilitating the recruitment and training of members of groups historically deprived of equal educational and professional opportunity. The Department values diversity highly. We are the first department nationwide to be institutional members of the Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Psychologists.

Graduate Degree Programs

In addition to our doctoral training program in Clinical Psychology, we have two other Experimental Psychology graduate degree programs:

    Cognitive Neuroscience
    Developmental, Social, and Health

If you choose to apply for to the Clinical Psychology program as well as another graduate degree program in psychology (i.e., Cognitive Neuroscience or Developmental, Social, and Health programs), it is necessary that you apply for both the Clinical and the Experimental degree programs through the Graduate School.  This will require two separate fees as well.  Only one fee is required, however, if you apply to more than one area within the Experimental degree program. 

If you choose to apply to more than one area within the Experimental degree program (i.e., Cognitive Neuroscience AND Developmental, Social, and Health), you must include this information on your online application by checking all appropriate areas (i.e., cognitive neuroscience, and developmental, social, health, etc.).

Applicants interested in pursuing one of our training concentrations in Health Psychology or Neuropsychology must first be admitted into a doctoral training program.

All documents must be uploaded to the online application.  If you have any difficulty uploading the required documents or completing the application, please first contact or call either 859-257-9390 or 859-257-4905.  If you continue to have issues with your online application or have other questions regarding graduate program applications, you may contact Meagan Coomes (, 859- 257-9640) to ensure that your application will receive full consideration.

The application procedure for each of our training programs is time-consuming and should be initiated as early as possible. Before any application will be reviewed, the required fee and all materials must be received.


There are two optional training concentrations that students enrolled in a graduate degree program within the Department of Psychology may choose to pursue. These concentrations involve specialized coursework and other requirements above and beyond the standard doctoral training curriculum. These concentrations are not stand-alone degree programs, but rather offer opportunities to develop additional focused expertise during the course of doctoral training. 

Health Psychology:


  • Only doctoral students in the Clinical Psychology program can pursue the Neuropsychology concentration.

Graduates with a PhD in Clinical Psychology may be eligible to obtain professional licensure or certification to engage in the professional practice of psychology, upon completion of a qualifying examination. Licensure and certification requirements vary by state. If you plan to practice psychology in another state other than Kentucky, you should visit the Out-of-State Educational Activities page and the Consumer Disclosure Information to determine if the PhD in Clinical Psychology meets educational requirements needed to obtain professional licensure or certification in that state.

Graduate Certificates 

Many of our doctoral students are interested in pursuing additional training in areas complementary to those offered within the Department of Psychology. UK offers several several Graduate Certificate Programs, which involve a group of courses designed to have a very clear and focused academic topic or competency area that may align with indivdual students' training and career goals. A Certificate is not a graduate degree program (it is typically between 9 and 15 credits), but it does provide the student formal recognition of the mastery of a clearly defined academic topic. Several Certificate Programs may be of interest to students pursuing doctoral training in clinical psychology (click here for a full list):

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