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PSY 393, 394 and 395 Forms

PSY 399: Field Based/Community based Education

PSY 399 is a commonly known as an internship course. It offers psychology majors learning opportunities at various community organizations. This Pass-Fail only course may be taken for 1 to 6 credits at a time, up to a maximum of 12 credits (in combination with other experiential education course credits hours earned from, for example, EXP 396 or other departments’ 399 courses) over a major’s undergraduate career.

In deciding on how many credit hours you should sign up for PSY 399 for a given term (including summer sessions), you must consult with your faculty sponsor and also follow this guideline:

● To earn one credit of PSY 399, you must have weekly 3 hours of learning experiences at your internship site (minimum total = 45 hours per semester). 

● To earn two credits of PSY 399, you must have weekly 6 hours of learning experiences at your internship site (minimum total = 90 hours per semester). 

● To earn three credits of PSY 399, you must have weekly 9 hours of learning experiences at your internship site (minimum total = 135 hours per semester). 

NOTE: The above guideline is based on the 15-weeks of a semester. If you take PSY 399 during summer sessions, your weekly hours would be greater.

PSY 399 is a controlled enrollment course: That is, you need to receive the course instructor’s permission to enroll in PSY 399. Below are the steps you should take:

PSY 399 Enrollment Procedure (As of Spring 2017):

Sections 001 and 002

Section 003 (Only Peer Tutors)

Step 1: Secure an internship*

-It is your responsibility to find an internship suitable for PSY 399.

-When local organizations send their internship recruitment information, it will be sent to all psychology majors via the PSYlistserv.

-The Harris Psychological Services Center routinely offers PSY 399 opportunities to psychology majors. Its recruitment information will be sent to all psychology majors via the PSYlistserv.

-You can also seek the Career Center’s help for finding an internship:

Step 2: Secure a psychology faculty sponsor.

NOTE 1: Ideally, you should find a faculty sponsor who has some expertise related to your internship. For example, if your internship is at a clinical setting, then a clinical faculty member would be an ideal faculty sponsor.

NOTE 2: If you are able to secure a PSY 399 position at the Harris Psychological Services Center at UK, Dr. David Susman would be your faculty sponsor.

Step 3: Consult with your faculty sponsor about the number of credits you will be taking.

Step 4: Once you have completed Steps 1, 2, and 3, complete this short online survey and email Dr. Sung Hee Kim (, letting her know your completion of the survey.

Step 5: Once you have completed the survey, Dr. Kim will give you an override to the section you indicated in the survey.

Step 6: You must upload your PSY 399 learning contract form on Canvas (PSY 399 001 or 002) by 5PM of the second day of class (summer sessions, Fall, and Spring semesters).


Section 003 is reserved for the Psychology Peer Tutors. Peer tutors help with PSY 100, PSY 215, and PSY 216. This is currently a nominated position, and potential tutors must be nominated by their course instructors.

All tutors must enroll for three credit hours of PSY 399.

Step 1: Express your interest to your PSY 100, 215, or 216 instructor.

If you are interested in tutoring PSY 100, 215, or 216, you must have taken the class at UK and earned an A in the class. If you have done this, talk to your instructor in that class about your interest.

NOTE: You may only tutor for the same class you completed. 

Step 2: If invited to be a peer tutor, Dr. Brown will give you an override to PSY 399 003.

Step 3: If invited to be a peer tutor, you must upload your PSY 399 learning contract form on Canvas (PSY 399 003) by 5PM of the second day of class (Fall and Spring semesters).


Learning contract form (001 & 002):

Word File

PDF File

Learning contract form (003):

Word File

PDF File

*Below are sample internship sites where psychology majors have done their internships:

Harris Psychological Services Center at UK; Peer Tutoring at the Department of Psychology at UK; Interfaith Counseling Center; Hope Center; Fayette Drug Court; UK HR; UK Career Center; Greenhouse17; Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center; Girls on the Run; Domestic Violence Court; UK Center on Trauma and Children; Children’s Review Program; UK Center on Drug and Alcohol Research; Sanders-Brown Center on Aging at UK; NEST; George Privett Recovery Center; Keeneland Association; Eastern State Hospital; UK Hospital; YMCA;  Louisville Sleep Medicine Specialist; Learning Interaction and Play Center; Commonwealth Attorney’s Office; Mind Psi; Crossroads Counseling Services; Lexington Police; etc

PSY 495/496: Senior Honors Thesis Program in Psychology

(PSY 495/496 Application Form)

The senior honors thesis program is a two-semester capstone course in psychology, designed for senior majors who are considering going on to graduate school in psychology. The student works closely with a faculty mentor on an individual research project.

During the Fall semester the students are required to develop a research study, write up the introduction and method of their proposal, and do an oral presentation of their proposed study to faculty and students during finals week.

During the Spring semester students are required to collect the data for their study, analyze and write up the results, and then present a poster of their study to faculty and students during Psychology Day, usually the last day of the Spring semester.

PSY495/496 Class: During both semesters the students in the class meet one hour per week with the class instructor. During the class time students discuss research issues (e.g., how to write an introduction, how to plan their analyses), professional issues (e.g., how to get into graduate school, how to interview for graduate school), and present their projects for feedback to their fellow students.

Course requirements: The academic requirements for the class include: a Psychology GPA of at least 3.6, at least a grade of B in both PSY 215 and 216, and senior standing. The most important requirement is to have a faculty sponsor. This is usually accomplished by doing one or two 395 sections with a faculty member so that he/she can assess your motivation and academic potential for the 495/496 classes. Most faculty sponsor at most only one student a year, so it is important that students have developed a good working relationship with the faculty.

Other information: It is important that students hit the ground running at the beginning of the Fall semester. Many students and faculty find that it is helpful to actually start the research project (e.g., reading articles, collecting data) during the summer preceding the senior year. The university offers a limited number of fellowships to support undergraduate students during the summer, and this possibility can be discussed with your faculty sponsor.

The Senior Honors Thesis Program is the single best preparation for graduate school that is offered in the Department of Psychology.

Students must commit to participate in both semesters. Even if you plan to graduate in December of your senior year it is worth staying around for another semester to be able to participate in the program. We even have had students participate in the program after they have graduated because they feel they did not get sufficient preparation for graduate school during their undergraduate years.



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