Graduate Student Advocacy Group


The goals of our graduate student advocacy group are to provide opportunities to advance psychological health, to increase awareness about mental health issues, and to reduce stigma surrounding mental illnesses through community outreach, public education, and legislative advocacy. 

Faculty Advisor: David Susman, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & Assistant Professor

President: Christopher Penn   Secretary: Emily Atkinson

Members: Anita Adams, Holley Allen, Pevitr Bansal, Emily Fenlon, Martina Fruhbauerova, Elana Gloger, Mary Levi, Jesse McCann, Michelle Smith, Nicole Stumpp, Hannah Wild


Mental Health Awareness Events 

January - Kentucky Legislative Session Begins

February - Psychology Day at the Kentucky State Capitol

March - Brain Injury Awareness Month

April - National Child Abuse Prevention Month

May - Mental Health Month

June - PTSD Awareness Month

July - BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

September - National Recovery Month

October - Mental Illness Awareness Week

October - NAMI Walks Your Way - NAMI Lexington, KY

November - Kentucky Psychological Association Annual Conference - register at


Community Outreach and Education

Education on managing stress and anxiety for University of Kentucky Greek Life organizations

Volunteer service at Greenhouse 17 domestic violence shelter

Clothing drive for psychiatric patients at Eastern State Hospital

National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMIWalks 


The Psychology Graduate Student Advocacy Group has developed an ongoing relationship with GreenHouse17, an agency committed to ending intimate partner violence and supporting victims of abuse. Members volunteer their time in service to Greenhouse17 and its mission.


Kentucky Psychological Association: 

The easiest way for psychologists and psychology students to advocate for mental health issues is to join the Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA). Throughout the year, KPA works to advocate for Kentucky psychologists and their clients by supporting mental health legislation and working with a variety of advocacy organizations throughout the state. 

Click here to join KPA today!