Salmonellae in the environment around a chicken processing plant.

TitleSalmonellae in the environment around a chicken processing plant.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1974
JournalApplied microbiology

Studies have been conducted over a 2-year period to determine the extent to which a poultry processing plant served as a reservoir of salmonellae reaching the external environment, to examine the question of the importance of salmonellae in the environment, and to consider how best to control the spread of the organisms. The studies have been undertaken at a chicken processing plant handling between 75,000 and 80,000 birds per day. Populations of salmonellae and indicator bacteria were estimated in the raw wastes, through the waste treatment plant, and in the receiving stream waters. The results demonstrate that salmonellae are present in poultry processing wastes in a surprisingly constant relation to fecal coliforms (in excess of 1 Salmonella per 500 fecal coliforms), that serotypes in the environment are constantly changing, and that they may reflect unusual conditions in the processing plant, or a possible source of infection among human and animal residents of the environment. Disinfection of poultry processing wastes is recommended.

Short TitleAppl Microbiol
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