Stimulus control of copulatory behavior in male Japanese quail.

TitleStimulus control of copulatory behavior in male Japanese quail.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
JournalPoultry science

The copulatory behavior of sexually experienced male Japanese quail was tested using taxidermic models with varying proportions of natural and artificial features. Completely artificial models exerted little control over copulatory behavior, and whole natural body models reliably elicited copulatory behavior. In single model presentation tests, a model containing a natural head and neck with an artificial body was as effective in eliciting copulatory behavior as a whole body model, but a model containing a natural body with an artificial head and neck was largely ineffective. In choice tests, however, males clearly preferred a whole model over a natural head and neck model, and a natural body model over a completely artificial model. These data indicate male Japanese quail do attend to features of body plumage. Furthermore, test procedures can influence conclusions about effective controlling stimuli.

Short TitlePoult Sci
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