Sophronia Taylor

Sophronia Taylor

Anthropology Senior

For Sophronia Caress Taylor, attending college was never really a dream, it was an expectation.

Descended from a line that includes graduates of Mississippi Valley State University, Mississippi State University and Alcorn State University, Taylor knew college was in her future, but the college she attended was not set in stone. Because she had lived part of her life in Laurel, Miss., Taylor had aspirations of attending a historically black college like Alcorn State or Spelman. However, having graduated from Mason County High School in Northern Kentucky, she was placed in perfect position to study at the University of Kentucky.

Taylor came to UK on a William C. Parker scholarship and has not looked back. In searching for a college home on the UK campus, Taylor found the College of Arts and Sciences to be one of the more nurturing units. From the broad range of majors and courses to the caring faculty and staff, she knew A&S was the home for her.

“The College of Arts and Sciences definitely nurtures interest in other areas outside your major by giving the student freedom to seek out interdisciplinary courses,” Taylor said. “Also, I found my advisor, Mrs. Erica Caton, to be most beneficial. I feel that without a caring, hard-working advisor, I would not be on my way to being described as a ‘success story.’ What excites me about my experience is having non-family adults around me who concern themselves with my success.”

In addition to Caton, Taylor also named Charles Tweedy, her freshman English 102 instructor, as a ‘major’ influence.

“Mr. Tweedy was the first person who encouraged my major in anthropology,” Taylor said. “He told me that since it is interdisciplinary, it will allow me to broaden my education and go into nearly any field of my choosing after graduation.”

Thanks to the guidance of Caton, Tweedy and her CARES (Center for Academic Resource and Enrichment Services) tutor, success certainly has not eluded Taylor. She plans to complete an internship either at the State Medical Examiner’s lab in Frankfort or in a police station.

“Either of those internships will be pivotal to my gaining real-world experience for my dream of becoming a criminologist/crime scene investigator,” Taylor said.

Yet it wasn’t just the people who made Taylor’s education a successful one. She credits the many services and facilities for providing her the tools and resources she needed. Taylor stated that having computer services 24 hours a day showed her that UK truly wanted to help her succeed.

In the end, Taylor feels A&S extended to her all the necessities for a broad education.