Teaching Release for Probationary RTS Faculty

Teaching Release for Probationary RTS Faculty

Pending a successful third-year progress review, all probationary regular title series faculty appointed in August 2005 and thereafter are eligible for a teaching release in the fourth year of probation.  This release can take the following forms: (1) one semester entirely free from teaching at full pay, (2) one academic year entirely free from teaching at one half pay, or (3) one academic year entirely off from teaching at full pay with one extra course taught in each of the semester immediately prior and the semester immediately following the year off.   Faculty members must work out with the chair of their department which option they choose.  Natural Science and Psychology faculty also have the option to take the teaching release during their first year of probation in order to set up research laboratories.  In addition, faculty members are released from service responsibilities during any semester of a teaching release.  They are required, however, to continue serving on student committees.

The teaching release is offered so that probationary faculty may focus on their research responsibilities in the run-up to tenure review.

(revised 3-9-15) 

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