Allie Hock

  • Doctoral Candidate
  • Developmental Graduate Student
  • Psychology
Kastle 0002
Graduate Training
Research Interests

The primary goal of my research is to understand the manner in which infants develop the capacity to represent humans and their actions. My research investigates social cognition from three primary perspectives: (a) understanding the development of body knowledge; (b) emotion processing; and (c) social cognition in atypical development. My current focus is on my dissertation research project. My dissertation integrates behavioral and neuroscience research findings from human and animal studies to examine whether spatial processing is altered by prenatal opioid exposure in human newborns.

Selected Publications and Professional Presentations

Heck., A., Hock, A., White., H., Jubran, R., & Bhatt, R.S. (2016). The development of attention to dynamic facial emotions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 147, 100-110.

Bhatt, R.S., Hock, A., White, H., Jubran, R., Kangas, A. (2016). The development of body structure knowledge in infancy. Child Development Perspectives, 10(1), 45-52.

Hock, A., White, H., Jubran, R., & Bhatt, R.S. (2016). The whole picture: Holistic body posture recognition in infancy. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23, 426-431. 

Hock, A., Kangas, A., Zieber, N., & Bhatt, R.S. (2015). The development of sex category representation in infancy: Matching of faces and bodies. Developmental Psychology, 51(3), 346-352.

Hock, A., Jubran, R., White, H., & Bhatt, R.S. (2016). Configural face processing in newborn infants. The International Congress on Infant Studies, New Orleans, LA. May 26-28, 2016 (poster presentation).

Hock, A., Jubran, R., White, H., & Bhatt, R.S. (2015). Infants’ attention to emotion in bodies. The Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA. March 19-21, 2015 (poster presentation).

Scholastic and Professional Honors

2016         Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching

2016         College of Arts and Sciences Certificate for Outstanding Teaching

2016         Certificate for Outstanding Developmental Graduate Student


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