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Andrea Pals


M.S. Experimental Social Psychology, Lexington, KY - 2021

Thesis - Himpathy? The impact of defendant social status on perceptions of a rape legal case 

B.A. Psychology, Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul, MN - 2018

Undergraduate honors thesis - Blurred lines: The effects of political ideology and ingroup favoritism on jury decision-making

Graduation with distinction, magna cum laude, Psi Chi International Honor Society


Andrea M. Pals, M.S., is a current graduate student in the Experimental Social Psychology Ph.D. program. Her research focuses primarily on juror decision-making in cases of sexual assault and rape, as influenced by victim factors, defendant factors (e.g., social status and race/ethnicity), rape myth acceptance, and political ideologies. Andrea's broader research interests include social psychology and the law, and social perceptions of gendered violence. 

Research mentor
Selected Publications:

Pals, A. M., Golding, J.M., & Levi, M. M. “It’s not like she took advantage of you…”: Perceptions of a plea bargain in cases of teacher- adolescent student sexual assault. (Under review – Journal of Child Sexual Abuse)

Pals, A. M., Meier, J. R., Jenkins, B. D., Le Grand, A. M., Levi, M. & Golding, J. M. Mock juror perceptions of a male or female adult rape victim’s demeanor in the courtroom. (First revision under review – Violence Against Women)

Golding, J. M., Neuschatz, J. S., Rawn, K. P., Lippert, A., Bornstein, B. H., Pals, A. M., & Le Grand, A. M. (in press). The influence of jailhouse informant testimony on jury deliberation. Psychology, Public Policy, & Law.

Jenkins, B. D., Golding, J. M., Le Grand, A. M., Levi, M. M., & Pals, A. M. (in press). When Opportunity Knocks: College Students’ Cheating Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Teaching of Psychology.

Salomon, I., Pals, A. M., Elsey, T., Golding, J.M., & Sheehan, E.A. (in press). Exploring how undergraduate psychology majors seek information and experiences for career preparation. Teaching of Psychology.

Rawn, K. P., Pals, A. M., & Golding, J. M. (2022). “He yells because he cares”: Jury perceptions of emotional abuse from a sports coach towards child athletes. Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody, & Child Development.

Le Grand, A. M., Jenkins, B. D., Golding, J. M., Neuschatz, J. S., Pals, A. M., & Wetmore, S. A. (2021). The sobering effects of jailhouse informant testimony on perceptions of an intoxicated rape victim. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 43(3), 195-212.

Golding, J. M., Neuschatz, J. S., Bornstein, B. H., Pals, A. M., & Wetmore, S. A. (2020). The perception of a jailhouse informant in a sexual assault case. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 1-12.

Pals, A.M. & Golding, J. M. (2020). Perceptions of plea bargaining in cases of elder financial abuse. Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect, 32(3), 217-234.