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Chelsea Bosch (Bouquet)

Research Interests
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Intracarotid amobarbital procedure (Wada)
  • Tramautic brain injury


I am currently a second year student in Dr. Berry’s lab.  Previously, I attended Missouri State University for both my Bachelor and Master’s degrees, where I completed my thesis examining the convergent validity of the Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition (WMS-IV) and the WMS-IV Flexible Approach.  Other projects worked on include a book chapter on malingered neurocognitive deficits in mild traumatic brain injury and a meta-analytic book chapter examining the diagnostic accuracy of embedded neuropsychological measures in the detection of malingering.  Presently, my clinical and research interests are related to the neuropsychological evaluation of individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and those diagnosed with seizure disorders.  In future research, I plan to examine the diagnostic accuracy of fMRI to that of the Wada procedure for memory dominance in individuals with epilepsy.


M.S., Clinical Psychology, Missouri State University

B.A., Psychology, Missouri State University

Graduate Training