Kyle Simon

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  • Developmental Graduate Student
  • Psychology
Bowman Hall 103
Research Interests:

M.S., Experimental Psychology, University of Kentucky

B.A., major in Psychology and Genetics, Ohio Wesleyan University.

Graduate Training
Research Interests

Broadly my research interests focus on how we as diverse individuals come to conceptualize sexual identity in relation to other identities (e.g., racial-ethnic, gender) and various ecological contexts particularly family life. Understanding the ways in which we come to create narratives for ourselves as well as the ways in which others view and perceive our identities is my primary interest. My current research is focused on ambiguous loss theory and boundary ambiguity in the context of LGBTQ+ identity development and family stress. Further, this work is often in the context of LGBTQ+ people's perceptions of parenthood, for those who are already parents, or those who want to be parents in the future. In addition, identity-based socialization such as sexual or gender identity, racial-ethnic identity, and adoption status are an additional line of research. A relatively new interest is perceptions of sexual or gender identities that are under-researched such as asexual-identified people.

I have two ongoing collaborations with a number of faculty one of which is with Drs. Bos (University of Amsterdam) and Tornello (Penn State) as part of the Intended Parenthood Study which focuses on the perceptions of future parenthood and associated lifestyle changes (e.g., changes in friendship) among LGBTQ+ people. The other collaboration is with Dr. Russell (University of Texas at Austin) and is currently focused on investigating how LGB individuals conceptualize the meaning of kinship, family, and parenthood.

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