Sharla Biefeld

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  • Developmental & Social Psychology Graduate Student
  • Mentor: Dr. Christia Brown
  • Psychology
  • Center for Equality and Social Justice
  • Developmental, Social, and Health Psychology
207 L Kastle Hall
Research Interests:

M.S. in Experimental Psychology, University of Kentucky, 2020

B.A. in Pyschology and Women and Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 2015


Graduate Training
Selected Publications: 

Biefeld, S. D., Stone, E. A., & Brown, C. S. (2021). Sexy, thin, and white: The intersection of sexualization, body type, and race on stereotypes about women. Sex Roles, 1-14.

Brown, C.S., Biefeld, S.D., & Tam, M.J. (2020). Gender in childhood. In M. Bornstein (Ed.), Elements of gender development. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Brown, C.S., Biefeld, S.D., Elpers, N.(2020) A bioecological theory of sexual harassment of girls: Research synthesis and proposed model. Review of General Psychology.