Shannon Eaton

  • Graduate Student
  • Psychology
Kastle Hall 012-G
Graduate Training
Research Interests

I am currently a graduate research assistant in Dr. Chana Akins’ psychopharmacology lab at the University of Kentucky. Our main research focus is drugs of abuse. Specifically, my research interests lie within the field of sex differences of abused drugs. I use a quail model to examine sex differences and hormonal control of cocaine responsiveness.


S.A. McDougall, S.E. Eaton, A. Mohd-Yusof, C.A. Crawford (2015). Age-dependent changes in cocaine sensitivity across early ontogeny in male and female rats: Possible role of dorsal striatal D2High receptors. Psychopharmacology, 1-15.


S.E. Eaton; B.A. Rice; C.K. Akins. Cocaine-induced behavioral sensitization in Japanese quail may be dependent on gonadal hormones and dose. Poster will be presented at Japan Neuroscience Society, 2016.

S. E. Eaton; A. Mohd-Yusof; C. A. Crawford; S. A. McDougall. Psychopharmacological responsiveness to cocaine across early ontogeny: possible role of D2High receptors. Poster was presented at Society for Neuroscience, 2014.

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