Picture Name Contact
jcma322's picture
cma373's picture
Assistant Professor
Racism, social support and responsiveness, Discrimination, Prejudice and Stereotypes
Kastle 207I-1
(859) 257-4396
mmma245's picture
Professor, Director of Clinical Training
Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
207C Kastle Hall
gmc236's picture
Graduate Student
012-F Kastle Hall
jmc394's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Affective mechanisms, Optimization of evidence-based treatments, Improving treatment effectiveness
111J Kastle Hall
mdiener's picture
Associate Professor, Associate Director of Clinical Training
112 Kastle Hall
HBPR222's picture
religiosity, first-year university students, Social models of substance use
milich's picture
Emeritus Professor (Retired), Provost's Distinguished Service Professor, Clinical
Problems experienced by children with ADHD
859-229-1294 (cell)
amo384's picture
Project Manager - Segerstrom Lab
006 Kastle Hall
aor234's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
eating disorders, Eating disorder risk, Personality, Impulsive behavior
111-H Kastle Hall
ari275's picture
Psychology and law, Legal victimization cases, Sexual Violence, Stereotypes and law, Social psychology and law
Kastle Hall 0002
cjpe247's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
sjpe228's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
111-H Kastle Hall
cnpi222's picture
Project Manager, Laboratory Technician
007 Kastle Hall
prender's picture
University Research Professor, Director, Neuroscience B.S. Degree Program
Neuroscience Teaching, Alcohol Dependence, Amphetamine Abuse, Stress Hormones, Brain Injury
gepu223's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical
kpra223's picture
Graduate Student
Physiological Stress, Family Relationship Dynamics, Adverse Childhood Experiences
Kastle Hall
ksreed0's picture
Staff Associate Senior - Grants
110A Kastle Hall
(859) 257-2607
BRE245's picture
Social Psychology Graduate Student
Policy support, Construal level theory, prejudice
106-B Kastle Hall
csri227's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
111C Kastle Hall


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