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Graduate Student
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Assistant Professor
Emotional responses to daily stressors, Pathways linking daily stressors and long-term health, Individual differences in emotional responses to stress
012-I Kastle Hall
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Psychology and law, Juror decision-making
0002 Kastle Hall
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Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Professor, Department of Psychology, CLP, Developmental
Development of attention and comprehension processes, ADHD
218A Kastle Hall
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Professor, CLP, Developmental
Text processing, Elementary science instruction
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Ph.D. Candidate, GSC Experimental Psychology Program Representative
Preclinical models of substance use disorders, Social substance use and relapse, Escalation of opioid intake, Reinstatement of opioid seeking, Neuronal calcium imaging, Biostatistics
Research Office: BBSRB B448C, Student Office: Kastle Hall 111i
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Graduate Student, Health Psychology
Kastle Hall 124
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Assistant Professor
Racism, social support and responsiveness, Discrimination, Prejudice and Stereotypes
Kastle 207I-1
(859) 257-4396
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Professor, Director of Clinical Training
Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
207C Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student
012-F Kastle Hall
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Optimization of evidence-based treatments, Improving treatment effectiveness, Substance Use Disorders
111J Kastle Hall
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Associate Professor, Associate Director of Clinical Training
112 Kastle Hall
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Department Manager
106B Kastle Hall
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
eating disorders, Eating disorder risk, Personality, Impulsive behavior
111-H Kastle Hall
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Experimental Social Psychology
Psychology and law, Legal victimization cases, Social psychology and law, Political psychology, Sexual assault
Kastle Hall 0002
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
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Clinical, Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
111B Kastle Hall
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University Research Professor, Director, Neuroscience B.S. Degree Program
Neuroscience Teaching, Alcohol Dependence, Amphetamine Abuse, Stress Hormones, Brain Injury
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Graduate Student
Physiological Stress, Family Relationship Dynamics, Adverse Childhood Experiences
124 Kastle Hall