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Staff Associate Senior - Grants
110A Kastle Hall
(859) 257-2607
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Social Psychology Graduate Student
Policy support, Construal level theory, Cis-male gay stigmas
106-B Kastle Hall
csri227's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
111C Kastle Hall
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Associate Professor, Clinical
Improving treatment for common mental health conditions, High risk clinical presentations
106A Kastle Hall, 343 Waller Ave, Suite 303
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Professor, Clinical, Developmental, Social, and Health
Personality, Self-regulation, Health
012-J Kastle Hall
sase236's picture
transdiagnostic change mechanisms, psychotherapy outcomes, Personality
lsh223's picture
Associate Professor, DUS, Neuroscience Program, Advisor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Kastle 115
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Graduate Research Assistant
Decision-making processes, Pre-clinical models of opioid use disorder
106 Kastle Hall, BBSRB 403A
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Senior Lecturer
220C Kastle Hall
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106B Kastle Hall
psi242's picture
Assistant Professor
Math Learning, Learning by Analogy, Concept Learning, Math Attitudes
012E Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student, Social Psychology
106-B Kastle Hall
gsmith's picture
Professor , Clinical
Alcoholism risk, Eating disorder risk, Clinical assessment methodology
207I-2 Kastle Hall
mmsm239's picture
Personality, Diagnosis and classification of psychopathology
111- D Kastle Hall
mwso224's picture
Research Assistant Professor
emotion regulation, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, mechanisms of change
343 Waller Ave., Suite 205
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Graduate Student, Cognitive Neuroscience
BBSRB B403, Kastle Hall 111i
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susman's picture
Assistant Professor, Clinical; Director, Jesse G. Harris, Jr. Psychological Services Center and UK Internship Consortium
116 Kastle Hall
(859) 323-8487
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Developmental, Social, & Health Graduate Student
Racial and Gender Stereotypes, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying, Gender Typicality
Kastle Hall 207G
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Kastle Hall 111D