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UK Internship Consortium Program / Training and Supervision

Training and Supervision

Consortium interns are provided a variety of experiential and didactic training experiences. Interns will spend 20 hours per week engaged in professional services (as described below); each intern is expected to complete 2000 total hours during their internship. Further program and training details can be found in the Internship Handbook accessible here

Direct Service Delivery

The majority of interns’ time is spent providing supervised psychological services to clients/patients. These services primarily include assessment, consultation, evaluation, individual and group intervention, supervision of psychotherapy, outreach, and crisis assessment and intervention. Interns provide these services to diverse individuals with a variety of presenting problems. All direct service delivery requires the completion of administrative tasks, such as writing reports and progress notes.


Interns receive a minimum of 2 hours of individual supervision per week. Our supervisors work collaboratively with interns to foster the development and refinement of skills and competency in research, ethical and legal standards, individual and cultural diversity, professional values, attitudes, and behaviors, communications and interpersonal skills, assessment, intervention, supervision, consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplanary skills, outreach, crisis assessment and intervention, and meta-competency (evaluating and developing one's own competency). The supervisory relationship is one of mutual trust, respect, honesty, and commitment to sustaining the relationship.

Didactic Seminars

Consortium-Wide. All interns attend bi-weekly Consortium-wide seminars. This ongoing seminar series is designed to focus attention on important issues in health service psychology for entry-level early career psychologists. It includes such topics as professional ethics, supervision of others, self-care, and developing expertise.

Site-Specific. Interns complete the UK Counseling Center and Eastern State Hospital rotations that have their own didactic seminar series.  Additionally there are periodic seminars at the Orofacial Pain Center. 

Case Presentations

Interns complete the UK Counseling Center rotation and present a clinical case presentation as part of that training. Furthermore, the Orofacial Pain Center rotation requires interns to formally present the clinical cases of their clients. Finally, all interns give a case presentation as part of the consortium-wide seminars. 

Supervision of Others

Interns who complete the UK Counseling Center (required), Eastern State Hospital (required) and Orofacial Pain Center rotations are required to supervise a practicum student. The number of supervisees and amount of time spent supervising others will vary from site to site. Since many practicum students at the Consortium sites are from the same academic programs as the interns, particular attention is given to potentially problematic dual roles. It is preferred that interns not supervise practicum students from their own doctoral training program, but rather students from other training programs. Interns may not supervise practicum students with whom they have had or are likely to have any personal or social relationship.


Interns may have the opportunity to engage in research at individual internship sites, depending on whether and what studies are occurring. All on-site research should be negotiated with that site’s Training Director.