Using Behavioral Economic Demand to Understand Health Behavior

Ilyssa Salomon's research talk

Michelle Tam's research talk

The Effects of Status on Role-Taking Accuracy with Dr. Tony Love from our sociology department

Morality with Dr. Ain Simpson from Centre College

Cognitive Processes in Same/Difference Learning with Dr. Zentall

Applying to non-academic jobs in psychology with Brian Enjaian

The effect transcranial direct current brain stimulation on multiple realms of social behavior: a meta-analysis

Dr. Nour Kteily visiting from Northwestern (note different time/place), talk title: Darker Demons of our Nature: The Prevalence and Potency of Blatant Forms of Dehumanization

Horowitz and Clark: The Women Behind the Research that Changed American Schools with Dr. Christia Brown

Perceptions of Plea Bargains in DUI cases: Drinking Alcohol vs. Smoking Marijuana with Dr. Johnathan Golding

Professional tips and tricks with Dr. Jazi Brown-Iannuzzi

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