Chair's Message

Welcome to the UK Department of Psychology!

The Department of Psychology is a diverse community of world-class researchers, excellent teachers, diverse and highly trained graduate students, engaged undergraduate students, and committed staff. 

Graduate training programs in Psychology include one of the premier clinical training programs in the world, with a faculty that is ranked as the most productive in the country. Programs in experimental psychology include behavioral neuroscience, cognitive science, developmental psychology, and social psychology.  In addition, research concentrations in substance abuse and in children at risk span program areas within the department and cross disciplinary boundaries in the university.  Our programs train highly-productive researchers and scholars who go on to positions at top research universities, excellent teaching colleges, clinical practice, and business.

Our undergraduate program includes over 1,200 majors and 400 minors.  Our majors receive a broad education, taking courses in every major disciplinary category in psychology.  Each year, 50 or so students conduct original research with our faculty.  Their experiences often take them beyond the discipline of psychology into our faculty’s collaborations in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, engineering, communications, and education.  Our students go on to success in the field of psychology, but also medicine, law, and many other career paths.

Our faculty members are socially conscious individuals who lend their expertise to the local and national community.  Psychology faculty run the Center for Equality and Social Justice. Our clinical training program runs a psychological services center that offers excellent affordable mental healthcare to the community. We recognize and value the diversity among our students, our faculty, and the recipients of psychological services. Ours is the first department nationwide to become institutional members of the Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Scientists.

I invite you to explore these web pages and learn about the Department of Psychology.  You will find a vigorous and exciting community of faculty and students.

Gregory T. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Psychology