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General FAQs

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Psychology-specific FAQs

Whom should I contact to see whether I can get an override to a PSY course?

First make sure that you have fulfilled the prerequisites of the PSY course you want to take. Then, contact the course instructor.

Am I allowed to take concurrently an Advanced Lec/Lab course AND a capstone course?

No. Remember that you must have taken an Advanced Lec/Lab course BEFORE taking a capstone course. The only exception is that students taking PSY 495 (Senior Thesis Seminar) can take an Advanced Lec/Lab in the same semester.

I plan to take an Advanced Lec/Lab course during summer? Will it be offered during summer?

No. Never plan to take it during summer. 


I plan to take a capstone course during summer? Will it be offered during summer?

There may be a summer educational abroad capstone course taught by a psychology faculty member. However, it may not be regularly offered.  Thus, do not plan to take it during summer.

What are the main differences among PSY 393, 394, and 395?


PSY 393

PSY 394

PSY 395

Course Title

Research in Neuroscience

Research in Psychology

Independent Work in Psychology

Variable credit





3 hours (weekly) per 1 credit

3 hours (weekly) per 1 credit

3 hours (weekly) per 1 credit

Grade or P/F



P/F only

Counted as an A&S natural science course?




Controlled enrollment




Learning contract & faculty sponsor




Part of  the Certificate in Social Science Research




NOTE: Only up to 12 credit hours earned from any research/independent work courses, regardless of course prefix (e.g., BIO, PSY, SOC, etc), will be counted toward the graduation requirement.

How can I enroll in PSY 393, 394, or 395?

●Find a faculty sponsor whose research areas interest you. Visit here to see all of our psychology faculty and their research areas.

●Once you have secured a PSY 393, 394, or 395 position, complete a learning contract found here in consulation with your faculty sponsor.

●Get an override from your faculty sponsor and register for your faculty sponsor’s section.

How can I enroll in PSY 399 (Field/Community Based Education)?

How can I enroll in PSY 499 (Senior Internship)?

PSY 499 is a capstone course. As it is a controlled enrollment class, you must receive an override from the course instructor to take it. Contact Dr. Sung Hee Kim ( a couple of months before the semester when you want to take PSY 499. (NOTE: First check whether you have met the pre-requisites.)

How can I enroll in PSY 495/496 (Senior Thesis Research)? 

  • Find a faculty sponsor.
  • Meet the following: Psychology GPA 3.60 or above; completion of PSY 215 and PSY 216; a grade of “B” or better in both PSY 215 and PSY 216.
  • Complete PSY 495/496 Application Form: Visit here.
Which psychology courses may be used to satisfy the A&S Natural Sciences Requirement?

PSY 312, 393, 456, 459, 565

Are all PSY 500-level courses capstone courses?
No. Make sure to check on thecapstone options: Visit here.

Are all PSY 400-level courses advanced lecture/lab courses?

No. Make sure to check on the advanced lecture/lab options:  Visit here.

What are the Psychology Departmental Honors Requirements?

3.6 major GPA or above and successful completion of PSY 495 and PSY 496.

I am waitlisted on a PSY course. Does it mean that I automatically get into the course?

No, unless there are openings in the course.
Where can I find the information on the Certificate in Social Science Research?
Visit here

Where can I find the information on the Psychology Scholars Program?

Visit here.