December Meeting Minutes

  • Minute Taker: Emily

  • Group photo (for the web)

  • Review of Reading/Continuing Education (Shannon: 15 minutes)

    • Should all mentors have this as background information before mentorship?

    • Beyond typical mentorship-- context provided before semesters to better outcomes amongst marginalized identities (e.g., 1st gen, BIPOC)

      • Possibly disclose identities to students at the beginning of the semester to emphasize scientists hold multiple identities

    • Theory to Action

      • PSY Scholars exposed to research opportunities (PSY 395), but who are we missing by not making information accessible?

        • PSY Lab showcase: New faculty members may already have pre existing videos explaining their research interests/lab tasks

      • Graduate School

      • Having these conversations during Graduate School Orientation/TA Training

      • Surveying faculty to see if they need RAs, update website each semester to display if RAs are needed or not

  • Subcommittee Updates (Krystal: 30 minutes - 5 minutes per)

    • Leadership

      • Evaluate our Efficacy

        • Operationalize DEI Committee Success

          • Thriving and Goals (as described in a word cloud)

          • Can this be done by Spring 2022? 

      • Holding our DEI Committee Accountable

        • Continue with public minutes

        • Broad dissemination of our efforts & receive feedback

          • All grad programs (clinical, DSH, neuro) send graduate student representative to department meeting and disseminate information to respective Brown Bag

        • Recommendations from the Admissions subcommittee

          • Highlight DEI relevant research on DEI website, 

          • Highlight other communities on campus (e.g., CHET, CESJ, DRC, Office of LGBTQ+ Resource, MLK Jr. Center, KY Refugee Ministries)

          • Highlight fun things to do in Lexington (from multiple perspectives!), possibly utilize Google Maps from Clinical

    • Transparency

      • Psychology Departmental Handbook

    • Admissions

      • Updated program website, prospective student website, and FAQ

      • Feedback given to program heads with suggestions to individually better the websites

      • Next step: standardize interview process and share with all department heads to see if it will be applicable to different tracks

      • DEI Panel during interview process

        • Clinical program has utilized this in the past but it could be applied to all areas. It might be best to have this lead by graduate students & not record to make the conversation more candid.

    • Diversifying the pipeline

      • Possible panel to display what careers are available after research

    • Decolonizing the syllabi

      • Curated chapters/articles for core courses that faculty could utilize

        • Missing articles for PSY216/quantitative 

      • What’s the best way to disseminate information? Should this be done on an individual basis?

        • Messaging- discuss Feb. 2022- how to best frame making these changes to larger group

    • Resources/Web

      • Mini meeting: Completed a shell of the updated website for psychology DEI including tabs, allocation of different links/ websites/ topics, etc. 

      • “Prototype” of resource tool prepared

  • Open forum (Baylee: 10 minutes)

    • Make it a mandatory for PSY 215 courses to have questions about careers in psychology.

    • Pleased and grateful for significant changes!

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