Information for Advisees

Welcome! I have compiled a list of resouces that might be helpful for you as an undergraduate psychology major. If you have any links or bits of information that you would recommend to others, please send them to me and I will post them here for your peers.

First, if I am listed as your advisor, this means that you have earned at least 60 credit hours (junior status) and were assigned me in place of the professional advisor you had through the college prior to this point (or you transfered in with enough credits). 

At this point in your education, you get assigned to a faculty advisor within your major because you should be at the point where you are thinking about life after college and what you might do as a career. I am here to help you on that path. While we can talk some about course decisions, at this point in your academic career, you should be familiar with your APEX report and those course choices are primarily up to you.

Tutorials on course planning and registering for courses in myUK

 College of A&S on Frequently Asked Questions about Advising

  • Try looking at this helpful website created by the College  
  • They include information about how to change your major, add aminor, repeating a course, withdrawing from courses, etc.

General Info on College Degrees and Graduation

Are you deciding on whether to pursue a BS or BA degree?

  • Ultimately this decision is up to you
  • Here is a link to what the American Psychoogical Association has to say about it:
  • The above link also has lots of information about careers in psychology and suggestions for psychology majors

What can you do with your psychology major?

Applying to Graduate School

Ways to get more involved in psychology

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