Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to mail in official transcripts?

No. Students are required to upload an unofficial transcript on Apply Yourself. If you are accepted into the program, we will then request that you provide us with official transcripts. 


What materials need to be uploaded to the application?

The application asks that you download unofficial transcripts, CV, personal statement, and a writing sample (optional).


If I am applying to multiple areas do I need to have separate letters of reccomendation for each?

After providing the name and information for recommenders, as indicated on the application, the graduate school will generate an email and send them all the information they need to provide their reccomendations. 


Are students who choose a health or neuropsychology concentration for the clinical program in a separate application pool?

Students are admitted to the areas (clinical, social, developmental, etc.) and then may choose a concentration. Students do not need to have a concentration. They can choose a concentration if they have an interest in that area, but it is not required.


Is the health concentration limited to students pursuing a clinical psychology degree? For example, could a student apply for the social psychology area with a health concentration?

Students in any area may pursue the health concentration.


I have a Master’s Degree Clinical Psychology. Is it possible to obtain credit for past coursework or have the thesis requirement waived?

Nothing is guaranteed, however credit for previous coursework and/or thesis coursework is possible. The thesis must be approved by faculty, and syllabi from previous coursework can be reviewed by the Director of Clinical Training and/or the instructor of the corresponding course.


I am interested in seeking assistantship aid. Do I need to upload any documentation confirming this?

Our program fully funds all of the graduate students it accepts. We do not have any required documents.


What is required of the personal statement? Is there an exact length requirement?

The psychology program does not require a specific length to their personal statements. As a general rule, they run about two or three pages in length. Write whatever it is you need in order to present who you are and what you would like to gain from the program, and to let others understand you better.


I am having trouble locating or accessing the personal statement portion of the application.

The personal statement upload can be found on the supplemental uploads page. If you continue having issues, it may be caused by an incompatible browser. Use Firefox.


Who is the Director of  Graduate Studies?

Our current DGS is Dr. Mark Fillmore.


I am planning to apply, but have GRE scores that are lower in average. Should I still apply or will my application automatically be thrown out?

Your application is not automatically thrown out if you are not in the average range of GRE scores. However, our program is very competitive and weaker scores make admittance more challenging.


Is every applicant required to submit GRE scores?

Yes. Every applicant to our PhD program must take the GRE.


Is it required to take the subject GRE?

No, we do not require the subject GRE.


What is the institution code for the GRE and TOEFL exam?

The GRE institution code for the GRE is R1837.  The TOEFL institution code is 1837.



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