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Distinguished Faculty & Teaching Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences honored distinguished faculty and teaching awards winners for the past year on April 22, in the WT Young Library Auditorium.

The recipients of this year's College faculty awards are:

  • Beth Guiton, chemisty - Undergraduate Mentoring
  • Shaunna Scott, sociology - Distinguished Service or Engagement
  • Joseph Straley, physics & astronomy - Distinguished Service or Engagement
  • Christia Brown, psychology - Diversity and Inclusion
  • Joseph Brill, physics & astronomy - Graduate Mentoring
  • Thomas Janoski, sociology - Graduate Mentoring
  • Linda Worley, modern & classical languages, literatures & cultures - Graduate Mentoring

The recipeints of this year's College teaching awards are:

  • Renee Fatemi, physics & astronomy - Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Mois├ęs Castillo, hispanic studies - Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Charley Carlson, psychology - Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Anna Voskresensky, modern & classical languages, literatures & cultures - Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Michelle Sizemore, English - Teaching in Large Classes
  • Ruth Brown, hispanic studies - Innovative Teaching

Photography by Carlos Gutierrez