March Meeting Minutes

  • Minute Taker: Emily Lapidus

  • Leadership update:  Presenter- Shannon 

    • Updates that can be done in 2022—website update

    • Collect baseline data this year to utilize in future years

    • Racial/ethnic identity data (DEW, enrollment into 395 etc.) regarding undergraduates

    • Qualitative data about who is “thriving”

      • Possibly find a collaborative department as to not have identifying information

        • What departments should we reach out to and what information do we ask? 

        • Include rationale as to why data is being collected. This can be done in faculty committees & possibly BB for graduate students

        • Pros and cons of splitting data into graduate students/faculty

        • Should we collect data as to who is leaving the department?

          • Leadership committee draft questions in preparation for April’s meeting, where feedback is requested

  • Subcommittee updates + action items:

    • Resources: Met last week, what is currently on the DEI website & recommendations as to what should be included: 

      • Picture slideshow of members

      • Library as to diverse books, articles, resources that members recommend

        • Include information from Steven’s subcommittee 

      • Scholarships & Award Section: Centralized section of scholarship grants (undergraduate, graduate) for internal & external opportunities

      • Quiz based on needs: create quizzes that will match suggestions/needs to opportunities.

      • “How To Get Involved” button

        • PSY495: make an opportunity for students to scour and update calendar regarding DEI-related events, books, sources

      • Main focus of the website should eventually include information as to what changes have been made & what has worked (or hadn’t).

      • What is the next step for this subcommittee: Getting feedback from the larger DEI meeting and start making changes.

    • Transparency: Psychology Department Handbook review

      • What is the next step for this subcommittee: continue to look at handbook and potentially start answering questions

Selection of next CE reading: No reading but instead we should look at DEI website and think of some recommendations that are missing or need to be included.