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May Meeting Minutes

  • Minute Taker: Emily Lapidus

  • Leadership Update: Shannon

    • Jake from HIVE sent the video!

  • Subcommittee Updates:

    • Leadership Committee: Office of Institutional Research and they are responding shortly. As Gender & Womens’ Department has 6 faculty, it may be beneficial to reach out to Department of Sociology

    • Transparency Committee: Some sections are outlined (Shannon). Some time this summer will be to flesh out some missing information. Google sheets may be updated to describe what classes are offered & when.

    • Admissions Committee: Jessica Burris put together the exit interview survey, but it will  be tabled for February 2023 for the next application 

    • Diversify the Pipeline: Jake from the HIVE has finished the video! The goal is for potential incoming individuals (e.g., faculty, undergrads, graduate students) to see how important DEI is for the department.

    • Website Development: Update website with new video!

    • TCE: Submitted a list of 6 questions of TCE, 2 prompts have gone college-wide (to A&S). The first faculty meeting in Fall 2022 could vote on other new TCE departmental prompts. The following have went into all A&S TCEs: 

      • “The instructor established a learning environment that helped all students across diverse backgrounds and identities. (e.g., disabilities, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation), feel equally included.”

      • “I felt comfortable sharing my ideas, knowledge, and identities in the course.”

  • Wrap Up for Academic Year: Moving Forward

    • What makes sense for undergraduate involvement?

    • Internship for undergraduates (ongoing web edits, interfacing with other undergraduate organizations, create designs) 

    • On paper, for DEI committee membership is maintained by attending 80% of meetings, however it hasn’t necessarily been enforced. However, does this discourage others who might be interested? 

      • “Affiliate” or involved vs. Membership

      • Maybe membership involves attending one DEI-related event a year and writes a blog post about it

    •  Potential subcommittees: university-wide action, undergraduate involvement

  • Leadership for Next Academic Year

    • A 2-year commitment might be best so there is a way to model leadership roles for the next incoming academic chair.