Psychology Departmental Honors

2022-2023 Bulletin Description Revision for Psychology Departmental Honors


Students must submit an application for honors, maintain a Psychology GPA of 3.5 or above, plus one of the following:

1. Completion of PSY 495/496 focused on research topic related to psychology.

2. Completion of PSY 393, PSY 394, or PSY 395 with research topic related to psychology and a public presentation of a research study at scientific conference, undergraduate research showcase, or other significant presentational event.  Presentation could be oral or a poster, but student must be either (a) the actual presenter of the poster of (b) an author of the poster, with mentor verification that student’s role was substantial.

3.  Completion of PSY 499 along with a public presentation of the approved project or research at Psych Honors Day, Undergraduate Showcase or other significant presentational event.

(application and more details can be found at the psychology departmental website: