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NIAAA T32 Predoctoral Fellowship: Interdisciplinary Training in Alcohol Research

The Psychology Department is home to the Interdisciplinary Training in Alcohol Research grant. This NIAAA-supported T32 grant supports 2-year full research fellowships for graduate students whose research interests include the pharmacology of alcohol and alcohol use disorders. These appointments provide a full 12-month fellowship and travel support for the student. The general aim of the training program is to provide graduate students with the research skills needed to identify alcohol-related risk factors by investigating their expression in response to acute and chronic exposure to alcohol at the cellular level, behaving laboratory animal, and the human subject. Accordingly, our T32 training program emphasizes training in cellular and behavioral pharmacology of alcohol with the broad objective to understand how such acute and chronic reactions combine or interact with personal and environmental factors to confer risk for alcohol use disorders. This training is primarily delivered within the research programs of the faculty and the core facilities at UK. The alcohol-specific expertise and broad research foci of our faculty, coupled with their interdisciplinary research, provides a solid foundation by which the T32 training program will bolster the research skills of our students for the ultimate goal of producing bright, productive scientists capable of significant developments and discovery in the etiology, prevention, and treatment of alcohol use disorders. Drs. Mark Fillmore and Mark Prendergast serve as the Training Directors for the T32 training project. Please contact Jaime Brown with questions regarding T32 applications at, (859) 257-5794

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