student success stories

Jarrod Brown and Iván Sánchez-Medina

Hispanic Studies Ph.D. Students

Alecia Fields

International Studies Undergraduate

Jenny Mooney

Ph.D. Student

Whitney Turientine

International Studies Sophomore

Colleen Glenn

English Ph.D. Student

Jessica Holman

Linguistics Undergraduate Student

Leah Bayens

English Ph.D Student

Ramesh Sharma

Ph.D. Student

by Stephanie Lang

Rebecca Lane

Rebecca Lane

Ph.D. Student By Rebekah Tilley
Photos by Mark Cornelison

Culture expresses itself in a myriad of familiar ways – our music, fashion, entertainment, literature. Perhaps less noted is the way that culture impacts our bodies including the very manner we are brought into the world and the food that nourishes us during gout first year of life.

James Looney

Social Theory Ph.D Student


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