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topology seminar

Eaves Lecture

Title:  What, No Repeat?

Abstract: The UK Math Lab has an ongoing project of creating math quilts — be sure to visit 7th Floor Patterson Office Tower if you haven’t already seen them!  Earlier this semester, the next design was revealed to be a Conway pinwheel tiling.  Together, we’ll construct a paper prototype and discuss the mathematics behind the pattern.  Then —  hot off the press! — we’ll discuss the March 2023 discovery of an aperiodic monotile and attempt to tile the sidewalk with this “hat.”

Bio:  Alissa S. Crans has been recognized nationally for her enthusiastic ability to share and communicate mathematics.  As a professor of mathematics at Loyola Marymount University, Alissa is known for her active mentoring and supporting of women and underrepresented students.  She generates excitement about math in settings that range from public libraries and Nerd Nite Los Angeles to the National Math Festival and the National Museum of Mathematics.  Outside of math, you can find her rehearsing with the Santa Monica College Wind Ensemble, running along the Venice Beach boardwalk, or on her quest to find the spiciest salsa on the Westside.

CB 110
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