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Sarah Gooch

UK junior Sarah Gooch is one of only 161 recipients of the National Security Education Program Boren Scholarship. The Boren Scholar, from Georgetown, Ky., will use the $20,000 scholarship to study and teach in Japan in the fall.

ANT 242: Origins of New World Civilizations with Scott Hutson

This course introduces students to the most compelling native cultures—Aztecs, Incas, Maya, Puebloans and more—in North and South America prior to 16th century European colonization. The goal is to understand how native peoples went from small nomadic groups to complex chiefdoms, states and empires with massive cities, abundant food resources and spectacular arts.

ANT 221: Native People of North America with Richard Jefferies

A survey of Native American cultures of North America. Emphasis is placed on exploring how Native American cultures changed through time, with particular emphasis on the impact of European exploration, colonization and settlement from 1500 to 1900. Students will also explore the high degree of cultural diversity represented among the thousands of Native American societies that inhabited the North American continent at the time of European contact. The status and condition of Native Americans in the modern world is also discussed.
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