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Teaching Resources & Statistical Training

Teaching Resources

Departmental Teaching Seminar Sequence

We highly encourage graduate students to gain teaching experience and want them to get the training they need to be the most effective in the classroom. If graduate students wish to become a primary instructor for a psychology course in our department, they must be take a 1-credit departmental teaching seminar (PSY 780, currently offered in the spring semester). This course is designed as an introduction to various teaching techniques and best practices in psychology. It covers designing a course, campus resources, classroom management, pedagogical tools, and how to present your professional development in teaching. In addition, when a graduate student is a primary instructor, they have a faculty member supervisor for their teaching that does regular check-ins and helps with any classroom issues that may arise during the semester.

Graduate Student Resources

Orientation for New Graduate Teaching Assistants:
Graduate Certificate in College Teaching & Learning:
Preparing Future Faculty Program:

General University of Kentucky Resources

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning:


Statistical Training

A&S Department of Statistics
STA 570 – Basic Statistical Analysis
STA 674 – Regression Analysis and Design of Experiments
STA 677 – Applied Multivariate Methods
STA 678 – Statistical Computational Theory and Data Visualization: R and SAS
College of Education
EDP/EPE 707 – Multivariate Analysis
EDP/EPE 711 – Advanced Quant Methods, with varying special topics like network analysis
EDP/EPE 712 – Advanced Psychometric Methods
EDP/EPE 713 – Structural Equation Modeling
EDP/EPI 717 – Introduction to Causal Inference  
College of Public Health
BST 600 – Introduction to Biostatistical Methods (required for the certificate)
BMI 520 – Designing for Data Visualization  
BMI 633 – Introduction to Bioinformatics  
BMI 733 – Biomedical Natural Language Processing  
BST/CPH 631 – Design and Analysis of Health Surveys
BST/CPH 635 – Databases and SAS Programming  
BST/CPH 636 – Data Mining in Public Health
BST 655 – Introduction to Statistical Genetics 
BST 661 – Survival Analysis
BST 662 – Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
BST 663 – Analysis of Categorical Data
BST/CPH 664 – Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
CPH 634 – Analytics Methods of Healthcare Data  
CPH 713 – Pharmacoepidemiology
EDP 712 – Advanced Psychometric Methods
EPI 710 – Introduction to Causal Inference
PPS 710 – Techniques in Secondary Data Research