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  • Developmental, Social, and Health Psychology
118 Kastle Hall
Research Interests:

My primary research interests include psychology and law, specifically juror decision-making in victimization cases

With regard to psychology and law my research focuses on investigating the impact of witness memory in the courtroom. In most of my studies I have studied child witnesses in court, but have now extended my study to include elders as witnesses. These studies have included various court contexts and type of evidence: repressed memory, DNA evidence, hearsay testimony, demeanor of witnesses, type of crime disclosure, type of crime, and the impact of courtroom experts.

I will be accepting graduate student applications for my lab for Fall 2018

Graduate Training
Ph.D. Univ. of Denver, 1986
Selected Publications: 
  • Brown-Iannuzzi, J. L., Golding, J. M., Gervais, W. M., Lynch, K. R., Wasarhaley, N. E.,& Bainter, S. (in press). Will jurors believe non-believers? Perceptions of atheist rape victims in the courtroom. Psychology of Religion and SpiritualityAbstract
  • Golding, J. M., Malik, S., Jones, T. M., Burke, K. C., & Bottoms, B. L. (in press). Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse Victims: A Review of Psychological Research with Implications for Law. In Pozzulo, J., Pica, E., & Sheahan, C.  (Eds.), Memory and sexual misconduct: Psychological research for criminal justice. London, Taylor & Francis.
  • Lynch, K. R., Jewell, J. A., Wasarhaley, N. E., Golding, J. M., & Renzetti, C. M. (in press). Great sexpectations: The impact of participant gender, defendant desirability and date cost on attributions of a date rape victim and defendant. Journal of Interpersonal ViolenceAbstract
  • Malik, S. E., Salomon, I., Elsey, T, Golding, J. M., & Sheehan, E. A. (in press). Taking an independent research course in psychology: Different teaching models lead to very different experiences. Teaching of Psychology.
  • Webster, J. M., Golding, J. M., Malik, S. E., & Riederer, A. M. (in press). Perceptions of plea bargains for driving under the influence (DUI) cases involving alcohol and marijuana. Psychology, Crime and Law.
  • Golding, J. M., Susman, D., McGavran, M. B., & Wright, R. (2019). Demystifying one’s chances of acceptance into Ph.D. in clinical psychology programs. Teaching of Psychology, 47, 97-101.PDF
  • Lynch, K. R., Golding, J. M., Jewell, J.A., Lippert, A., & Wasarhaley, N.E. (2019). She is his girlfriend—I believe this is a different situation’: Gender differences in perceptions of the legality of intimate partner rape. Journal of Family Violence, 34, 213-230Abstract
  • Christopher, A., & Golding, J. M. (Eds.). (2018). Careers in psychology (Special Issue)Teaching of Psychology, 45
  • Golding, J. M., Kraemer, E., & Wasarhaley, N. E., Malik, S. (2018). Using Facebook to enhance the college classroom experience. In Golding, J. M., Rawn, C. & Kern, K. (Eds.). Strategies for teaching large classes effectively in higher education (pp. 51-64). San Diego, CA: Cognella.
  • Golding, J. M., Kraemer, P. J., & Royse, D. (2018). Beginners guide to college success. San Diego, CA: Cognella.
  • Golding, J. M., Lippert, A., & Malik, S. (2018). Using the internet to facilitate career choices in psychology-related fields. Teaching of Psychology, 45, 60-66.
  • Golding, J. M., Lynch, K. R., Malik, S. E., & Foster-Gimbel, O. (2018). Justice served? Perceptions of plea bargaining involving a sexual assault in child and adult females. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 45, 503-518. Abstract
  • Golding, J. M., Rawn, C., & Kern, K. (Eds.). (2018). Strategies for teaching large classes effectively in higher education. San Diego, CA: Cognella. Abstract
  • Malik, S. E., Golding, J. M., & Lippert, A. (2018). The impact of a defendant not testifying in a child sexual assault case. American Journal of Forensic Psychology, 36, 5-29. Abstract PDF
  • Malik, S., Salomon, I., Elsey, T., Wasarhaley, N., Yozwiak, J, & Golding, J. M. (2018). In the Lab: Psychology research (Instructor’s Edition). XanEdu: An Arbor, MI.
  • Salomon, I., Malik, S., Elsey, T., Wasarhaley, N., Yozwiak, J, & Golding, J. M. (2018). In the Lab: Psychology research (Student’s Edition). XanEdu: An Arbor, MI.
  • Bornstein, B. H., Golding, J. M., Neuschatz, J. Kimbrough, C., Reed, K., Magyarics, C., & Luecht, K. (2017). Mock juror sampling issues in jury simulation research: A meta-analysis. Law and Human Behavior, 41, 13-28. Abstract
  • Golding, J. M. (2017). Think positive about your teaching. Society for the Teaching of Psychology “How I Teach” Blog. Retrieved from
  • Golding, J. M. (2017). Tips for teaching large classes. American Psychology-Law Society Newsletter.
  • Lippert, A, Golding, J. M., Lynch, K. R., & Haak, E. (2017). When a corporation rapes: Perceptions of rape in civil court for corporate defendants. Psychology, Crime, and Law, 24, 703-726. Abstract
  • Lynch, K. R., Jewell, J.A., Golding, J. M., & Kembel, H.B. (2017). Associations between relationship sexual behavior norm beliefs and intimate partner rape judgments: A structural equation model. Violence Against Women, 23, 426-451. Abstract
  • Wasarhaley, N. E., & Golding, J. M. (2017). Ageism in the courtroom: Mock juror perceptions of elder neglect. Psychology, Crime & Law, 23, 874-898Abstract
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