Joshua Beckmann

  • Assistant Professor, BNP
  • Psychology
Research Interests:

My graduate work focused on understanding basic learning, memory, and decision-making processes in animal models and humans. My current research is focused on understanding the learning, memory, and decision-making processes that mediate reward-associated pathologies, like substance use disorder and obesity. Using sophisticated behavioral measures (novel operant, Pavlovian and drug self-administration paradigms), state-of-the-art neuroscience techniques (e.g., in vivo electrochemical recordings) and quantitative modeling, our lab is investigating the neurobehavioral mechanisms that contribute to individual differences in vulnerability to and recovery from reward-related pathologies, including the neurobehavioral changes that occur during their development. Our goal is to identify novel mechanisms specifically involved in pathological reward-governed behavior that may then be targeted toward the development of more effective pharmacological and behavioral therapies.

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