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Jesse McCann

Research Interests:
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Optimization of evidence-based treatments
Improving treatment effectiveness
Substance Use Disorders

M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Kentucky, 2021

B.S., Psychology with Spanish Minor, University of Delaware, 2018

Graduate Training
Selected Publications:

Badour, C. L., Flores, J., Hood, C. O., Jones, A. C., Brake, C. A., Tipsword, J. M., Penn, C. J., & McCann, J. P. (in press). Concurrent and proximal associations among PTSD symptoms, prescription opioid use, and co-use of other substances: Results from a daily monitoring study. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.

Tipsword, J. M., Brake, C. A., McCann, J., Southward, M. W., & Badour, C. L. (in press). Mental contamination, PTSD symptoms, and coping following sexual trauma: Results from a daily monitoring study. Journal of Anxiety Disorders.

Brown, L.A., Majeed, I., Mu, W., McCann, J., Durborow, S., Chen, S., & Blank, M.B. (2021). Suicide risk in persons living with HIV. AIDS Care.

Brown, L.A., Mu, W., McCann, J., Durborow, S., & Blank, M.B. (2021). Under-documentation of psychiatric diagnoses among persons living with HIV in electronic medical records. AIDS Care.

Tyler, J., Mu, W., McCann, J., Belli, G., & Asnaani, A. (2021). The unique contribution of perfectionistic cognitions in predicting anxiety disorder symptoms in a treatment-seeking sample. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Asnaani, A., Tyler, J., McCann, J., Brown, L.A., & Zang, Y. (2020). Anxiety sensitivity and emotion regulation as mechanisms of successful CBT outcome for anxiety-related disorders in a naturalistic treatment-seeking setting. Journal of Affective Disorders.