Melissa Miller

  • Clinical Psychology Graduate student; Mentor: Mark T. Fillmore, Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology
  • Psychology
206 Kastle Hall

B.A. Indiana University, 2007; Psychology, Sociology, Spanish
M.S. University of Kentucky, 2010; Clinical Psychology


My research examines the cognitive and behavioral mechanisms underlying alcohol use and abuse. Specifically, I study the role of cognitive processes (e.g., attentional bias, drug expectancies, etc.) in the development of alcohol and other drug abuse, with a special focus on how cognitive-behavioral treatments can be designed to alter cognitive processes in an effort to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse.

Selected Publications: 

Miller, M.A., & Fillmore, M.T. Persistence of attentional bias toward alcohol-related stimuli in intoxicated social drinkers. Drug and Alcohol Dependence (In press).

Miller, M.A., & Fillmore, M.T. (2010).  The effect of image complexity on attentional bias toward alcohol-related images in adult drinkers. Addiction, 105, 883-890.

Miller, M.A., Weafer, J., & Fillmore, M.T. (2009). Gender differences in alcohol impairment of simulated driving performance and driving related skills. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 44, 586-593.

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