Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology

The Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology (BNP) area of concentration is designed to train students broadly in the general theoretical principles and technical approaches used to investigate the neurobehavioral mechanisms of alcohol and drug abuse.

Psychopharmacological approaches to understanding basic principles of learning are also emphasized. Students may receive a concentrated laboratory experience using either animal models (quail, mice or rats) or human subjects. Faculty in the program use different levels of analysis including cell culture models, neurochemical assays, developmental toxicology, classical conditioning of drug effects, operant conditioning, human behavioral pharmacology, and cognitive approaches to behavior.

Students are expected to receive in depth training in at least one level of analysis, although training that integrates more than one level of analysis is strongly encouraged.

The BNP program is affiliated with two major federally-funded research centers at the University of Kentucky: The Center for Drug Abuse Research Translation (CDART) and the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR). The Centers conduct research on the biological, psychological, and clinical aspects of substance abuse and related behavior. BNP students are actively involved in the research activities of these Centers. 


Information regarding applying and the online application system may be found here.

Please contact Meagan Coomes with questions regarding graduate program applications., (859) 257-9640



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