Calendar - Social Psychology

Discussion of Social Area Website

Too Good To Be True: Using Simulations To Sniff Out Biased Literature

Surviving the Academic Job Market

College Textbooks: Use Them or Lose Them?

An Examination of Invalid Responders in the UK CATS Survey

Discussing a Graduate Student Conference

Data Visualizations: What I've Learned So Far...

Video Games, Virtual Worlds, and Society: Interpreting a Conflicted and Problematic Body of Research

Theory and Theory Development in Social Psychology Research: A Roundtable Discussion

Theory and Theory Development in Social Psychology Research: A Roundtable Discussion

Applying to Jobs Outside of Academia

Center for Equality and Social Justice Spring Symposium - Development of Bias

Transferrable Skills: How Our Graduate Student Experience Translates to Skills on the Job Market

NO BROWN BAG - SPSP Conference

What do Video Games do to us? What we know and don't know.

The Social Influences on Children's Motivation

Social Area Issues: A Mandatory Meeting for Faculty and Students

Identifying Perpetrators of Gender-Based Harassment in Middle School: Understanding the Who, the Why, and the Where

Implicit attitude formation through evaluative conditioning: Mechanisms and 'real-world' manifestations

The Credibility Revolution in Psychological Science

The Effects of Status on Role-Taking Accuracy with Dr. Tony Love from our sociology department

Ilyssa Salomon's research talk

Using Behavioral Economic Demand to Understand Health Behavior

Professional tips and tricks with Dr. Jazi Brown-Iannuzzi

Perceptions of Plea Bargains in DUI cases: Drinking Alcohol vs. Smoking Marijuana with Dr. Johnathan Golding

Horowitz and Clark: The Women Behind the Research that Changed American Schools with Dr. Christia Brown

Dr. Nour Kteily visiting from Northwestern (note different time/place), talk title: Darker Demons of our Nature: The Prevalence and Potency of Blatant Forms of Dehumanization

Applying to non-academic jobs in psychology with Brian Enjaian

Cognitive Processes in Same/Difference Learning with Dr. Zentall

Morality with Dr. Ain Simpson from Centre College

The Comfort Trap with Dr. Nathan DeWall

Measurement issues in psychological research with Dr. Michael Tolland from our Ed. department

How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do--different time and place

Michelle Tam's brown bag on Gender-Based Harassment in Early Adolescence: Group and Individual Predictors of Perpetration

“Other People Have the Right to their Own Views”: Tolerance of Racism and Sexism as Predictors of Political Views and Interpersonal Behavior

Can Threat Increase Support for Political Liberalism?

Current Faculty Research Interests

The Politics of Inequality and the Inequality of Politics

Elementary School Children's Implicit and Explicit Attitudes about Same-Sex Parent Families

A Brief Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

First Year Student Research Talks

Psychology and Law Research Talks

Brown Bag Canceled for Spring Break

Cancelled for Clinical Colloquium Speaker

Cancelled for Developmental Speaker

Brown Bag Canceled for BNP Speaker

Discrimination in Adolescence

Brown Bag Canceled for Honor's Day

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