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Disability Pride: What's In A Name?

Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
John Tschida, Keith Hosey, Carissa Johnson, Bev Harp, Morgan Turner, Andy Imparato

This seminar features an engaging panel discussion centered on Disability Pride: What Is It And How Can We Foster It?

Learning Objectives

1. Gain understanding of the term disability pride.

2. Learn different perspectives from people experiencing disability about society's expectations around disability.

3. Provide examples of how disability pride can be promoted at an individual and community level.

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Moderated by Andy Imparato, Director of Disability Rights California.

Panel featuring:

- John Tschida, ACUD Director

- Keith Hosey, Supervisory Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, US Department of Veterans Affairs

- Carissa Johnson, Independent Living Specialist, Center for Accessible Living

- Bev Harp, Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (FEND) faculty and Director of Innovative Supports for Autistic Workers at the University of Kentucky

- Morgan Turner, Health Education Specialist at the University of Kentucky

The Human Development Institute is Kentucky's University Center on Disability. HDI's mission is to advance efforts that build inclusive communities, address inequalities and improve the lives of all people who experience disability across the lifespan. Learn more about HDI at

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