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Mary Beth Diener McGavran

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Kentucky
M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Kentucky
​B.A. in Psychology, Grinnell College



Office hours: I'm in my office or at our training clinic on most days.  Please feel free to drop by when my door is open or email to arrange a specifi time to meet, if that is more convenient.

I am a clinical psychologist in the Department of Psychology.  My focus is training students to master the competencies needed to be effective clinical psychologists and health services providers, and on the synthesis of research and clinical skills.   I’m also interested in multicultural competencies and training in working with people who have varied backgrounds and identities. I coordinate the external practicum training and serve as the faculty liasion for those experiences.

For applicants to our clinical psychology program, please note that I do not run a lab or take on students as a research mentor.  I work with all of our clinical students through clinical supervision, course work, professional development and the clinical aspects of training.