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Fall 2022 Application Deadline: December 1st, 2021

(all areas of Graduate Studies)

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It is strongly recommended that prospective students review program-specific information (see below) to strengthen their application materials

Clinical Application information Michelle Martel - Program Head
Cognitive Neuroscience Application Information Mark Prendergast - Program Head
Development, Social, & Health Coming Soon Rachel Farr - Program Head

We also recommend that you review our general Frequently Asked Questions page

The Graduate School will waive the fees for some applicants.

Currently, the fee for applicants from the U.S. is $65 and the fee for applicants from other countries is $75. These application fees will be waived for applicants who are:

U.S. military members

U.S. military veterans

McNair Scholars

Fullbright Scholars

Donovan Scholars (UK program for people 65 and older)

If you fit into one of these groups, then the application fee will be waived after you submit your application. However, you will not need to pre-pay the application fee. To get the waiver, please contact Tamra Nowitzki in the UK Psychoogy Department ( and she can provide you with more information and facilitate the process.