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FAD Lab Events and Photos!

First FAD Lab meeting of the Spring 2022 semester!


FAD Lab members working together in the lab space. 


FAD Lab members at a UK football game!


FAD Lab meeting from April 2020... early pandemic times!


End of Spring 2021 semester party!


LGBTQ Families Symposium presenters at the APA Convention in Chicago August 2019 (from left: Christa Craven, Charlotte Patterson - discussant, Abbie Goldberg, Rachel Farr - chair, Casey Vázquez, Kyle Simon, Kimberly Balsam, and Henny Bos)


Representing academic generations at APA in Chicago (August 2019; from left: Charlotte Patterson - Rachel's mentor, Kyle Simon and Casey Vázquez - Rachel's current PhD students, and Rachel Farr)


FAD Lab representation at APA in Chicago (August 2019; from left: Casey Vázquez, Rachel Farr, and Kyle Simon)


FAD Lab Graduate Students Casey Vázquez and Kyle Simon with Dr. Hal Grotevant's Ph.D. student Krystal Cashen (left) at UMass Amherst for the Rudd Summer Adoption Institute


Kyle Simon presenting at UMass Amherst for the Rudd Summer Adoption Institute, May 2019


Spring 2019 FAD Lab Members at UK Undergraduate Research Showcase 2019


Graduate Student Sam Bruun presenting at 2019 Society for Research in Child Development Symposium